Two Studio: Grand Birthday Celebration

  • Date

    07. 07

    30. 11. 2016

  • Location

    Hong Kong International Airport - Terminal 2 - 3/F


Come and join us in the Grand Birthday Celebration for the Hong Kong International Airport with Goddess of Mercy, Monkey King, Wai To and all the other gods and goddesses!


Using the traditional Cantonese opera "The Grand Birthday Celebration at Mount Heung Fa" as main theme, with the creative force of the Chinese Artists Association of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Professional Photographers Network(HKPPN), we bring you the stories of the gods and goddesses mixed with the highlights of the Hong Kong 18 districts.


Also local illustrator Cheukman Tam, will present the Goddess of Mercy, Sun Wukong and Wai To in sculptures to all of you through his lovely and lively design.

Don't miss out!


6/7/2016 – 30/11/2016

Hong Kong International Airport - Terminal 2 - 3/F


(This exhibition is part of the Hong Kong Classics: Art, Culture and Music 2016 organised by The Airport Authority Hong Kong)