Student Workshop –
Experience Cantonese Opera (2022-23)

  • Date

    16. 11

    13. 01. 2023

  • Location

    Ko Shan Theatre New Wing Auditorium


Cantonese opera is one of the most popular art form in Hong Kong with over 1,000 performances every year. Cantonese opera was officially inscribed on the UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2009, which is Hong Kong’s first item enlisted.

Our workshop will introduce basic Cantonese opera knowledge to the students, with Cantonese opera dressing and make up demonstration. Following will be an excerpt performance demonstrating the symbolic and poetic movement of Cantonese opera. Students are invited to join us and sing along!

The workshop is an interesting and interactive experience for the students. We are inviting all primary schools (P4-P6) and all secondary schools students to join us. Don’t miss out!

For more details and application, please click to following document.


Primary school application

Secondary school (Cantonese) application

Secondary School (English) application