Lee Chak-yan

Graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA). Specializes in female roles.

  • What has been your most satisfying undertaking to date?
    I was fortunate enough to have been coached individually by the Beijing Opera master Hu Zhifeng on the role of Du Shiniang. Although I still have much room for improvement and it was an arduous process, the experience was greatly rewarding.
  • What is your quest in art?
    I would like to promote Cantonese Opera internationally and to preserve this art form, taking it to new heights.
  • Please share an interesting anecdote or an unforgettable moment on stage.
    Years ago, during one of my first bamboo theatre performances, I was too preoccupied with makeup and costumes, I forgot to hydrate despite the scorching weather. I grew increasingly unwell and sweated profusely. All of a sudden, everything went dark. I was led off stage, supported by my fellow actresses. It turned out that I had a heat stroke.

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