• Artistic DirectorWong Chiu-kwan

    Power and Dilemma

    • Screenwriter
      Poon Cheuk
    28. 11. 201819:30
    29. 11. 201819:30
Performance Introduction

After her father’s death, Chiu Hoi Tong has been residing with Ga family along with her step-mother Chiu Yi Neung and half-brother Maan Cheung. Hoi Tong falls in love with the warrior, Kim Wah, who works for Prime minister Ga Yi Yan. However, Yi Neung marries Hoi Tong to Mau Cheong, the son of Prime minister Ga, for Maan Cheung’s good. Kim Wah makes up his affection towards Yu Chun which convinces Hoi Tong to agree her marriage with Mau Cheung. On the wedding night, Dai Sang and Kim Wah are summoned to fight with the Huns. Maan Cheung ignores Yi Neung’s objection and insists to follow the troop.


In the battlefield, Kim Wah, Dai Sang and Maan Cheung assist the Marshal Chiu Cheong Mau and defeat the Huns. Capturing the generals of the Huns, Cheong Mau discovers the betrayal of Yi Yan. Cheong Mau then orders Kim Wah and Maan Cheung heading to the Ga’s mansion for further evidence. During Kim Wah and Maan Cheung’s absence, Cheong Mau discloses to Dai Sang that Yi Yan and the Chiu couples were the murderers of Dai Sang’s own parents. Shocked and infuriated by the news, Dai Sang leads his army to condemn Yi Yan and Yi Neung.


Kim Wah plans to flee with Hoi Tong before the arrival of Dai Sang’s army. Yet, Hoi Tong refuses Kim Wah with her dignity. The whole Ga family and Yi Neung are then arrested by Dai Sang. Yi Yan suicides to escape from the judgement. In the execution field, Maan Cheung believes in his mother’s innocence and challenges Dai Sang until Yi Neung’s confession on her crime. Dai Sang is in the dilemma under Kim Wah’s mitigation. In the meantime, Cheong Mau arrives to release the Ga family and sentence Yi Neung under the Emperor’s order. Upon the release, Mau Cheong tells Kim Wah that he and Hoi Tong are couple for show. He suggests to divorce with Hoi Tong and let her reunite with Kim Wah.