• Artistic DirectorLoong Koon-tin

    The Legend of Wang Zhaojun

    • Screenwriter
      Poon Yat-fan
    21. 01. 201619:30
    22. 01. 201619:30
Performance Introduction

Recruited by Emperor Yuan of Han Dynasty as his mistresses, ladies would bribe the painter Mao Yanshou into providing a beautiful portrait so that they could be selected by the Emperor. Wang Qiang refuses to bribe despite spending three years in the palace. Yanshou also refuses to draw a portrait for her by the Empress’ order. Expressing her sorrow, Qiang plays a song with her pipa (a Chinese music instrument). Emperor Yuan is impressed by the melodies and amazed at her beauty, crowning her as Concubine Ming. King Chanyu of Xiongnu asks for marrying with a princess from Han Court because of his contribution. The Empress envies Qiang’s beauty so she forces Qiang to replace the young princess, she adopts Qiang as the sworn daughter and giving her a new name Zhaojun. Emperor Yuan and Qiang decide to take revenge on Yanshou. The Empress also asks Yanshou to leave the country as soon as possible so that the secret can be kept. As the wedding day of Qiang is coming, Qiang plays her pipa again to express her feelings of departure to Emperor Yuan. General Han Chang is impressed so he plans to help Qiang to take revenge. On the wedding day of Qiang, Yanshou returns to the palace of Han Dynasty as an ambassador of King Chanyu, requesting Emperor Yuan to remit his punishment. Emperor Yuan has no choice but agree. Chang sends Yu Zhizhong to steal an arrow from Xiongnu’s army and intends to kill Yanshou. Together with the Han Court members, Chang bids a farewell to Qiang at the Gate Yanmen, where Qiang plays a song with her pipa to express her feelings to the country. Meanwhile, an arrow is shot secretly to kill Yanshou but failed. This incident startles King Changyu. Yanshou tells the true identity of Qiang in order to save himself. Yet King Chanyu appreciates Qiang, he finally kills Yanshou as a revenge for the lady. Then, Qiang sets off her journey to the border.