• Artistic DirectorLaw Ka-ying

    Lovers’ Reunion

    • Screenwriter
      Tong Tik-sang
    09. 08. 201219:30
Performance Introduction

Guan Zhongfang, daughter of a famous physician, loses her eyesight after upheavals. She and Qin Mengyu love each other but are separated by war. Zhongfang later marries General Shuliang who led the army to blow up the bridge. On the wedding day of Shuliang, Mengyu is shocked to find Zhongfang becoming his sister-in-law and falls sick. The elder brother Boxian unknowingly rekindles their love by asking Zhongfang to feel the pulse for Mengyu. When examining Mengyu, Zhongfang is shocked by his passion before realizing that he has been her lover when she was blind. Their love is rekindled with the help of Chuyun.

Having had an affair with Mengyu, Zhongfang gives birth to a son whom Chuyun promises to claim hers. Meanwhile, Shuliang decides to live faraway in seclusion with Zhongfang after he returns crippled from the battlefield; and Boxian expels Chuyun for he wants to match Mengyu with Princess Yulan. Shuliang refuses to let Zhongfang go back at first when the wedding invitation card arrives. However, after listening to Chuyun's story and taking his permanent disablement into consideration, he agrees to reunite Zhongfang with Mengyu.


During the wedding ceremony, Zhongfang comes with Chuyun to seek reunion with Mengyu. When Shuliang vows that he will bear all the responsibilities, Boxian has to agree upon their reunion and let Mengyu take Chuyun as his concubine. Princess Yulan can only share her husband with the other two women.