• Artistic DirectorYuen Siu-fai

    Plays Excerpts: Retrieving the head at Gao Ping Guan & The Official Seal

    • Screenwriter
      Anonymous (Retrieving the head at Gao Ping Guan)Yuen Siu-fai (The Official Seal)
    30. 01. 201919:30
    31. 01. 201919:30
Performance Introduction

Retrieving the head at Gao Ping Guan

In the Five Dynasties, Ko Hang Chau, the Prince Eastern Lo, whose basis at the Gao Ping Guan, the border of later Zhou, has always be a shoo-in in the battlefield. The Emperor of the later Zhou Dynasty, Kwok Wai, is afraid Ko’s reputation causing harm to his Empire. To kill Ko Hang Chau, Kwok Wai imprisons the parents of Chiu Hong Yan and threatens the son to kill Ko Hang Chau to exchange the release his parents...


The Official Seal

The advisor Yeung Chuen and court guard Li Yuet are fired by their corrupted boss. On their way back hometown, they find the dirty deeds done by the retired Prime Minister Siu. Infuriated but having no ideas to help the victims, Yeung Chuen and Li Yuet bump into the subordinate of the new Officer of Yangzhou, Wong Bin at the meantime. Knowing that the new Yangzhou Officer delays his on-boarding date for marriage, Yeung Chuen comes across with a crazy idea of impersonating as the new Officer to teach the Minister Siu a lesson...