• Artistic Director Loong Koon-tin

    Princess and the poor scholar

    • Screenwriter
      Poon Cheuk
    29. 11. 201419:30
    30. 11. 201419:30
Performance Introduction

To gather money for his travel, Shanguan Yunhe and his family member Dong Cheng sell their calligraphy works at Temple of Hanshan. Meanwhile, Princess Danfeng who is offering incense tries to pull down the stall. Yunhe and Cheng stop her and the Princess learns about their life stories. Admiring good-looking and bright Yunhe, the Princess makes him a gift of a piece of gold, which is rejected by Yunhe. Danfeng is pushed away from her servents when the mobs riot at the temple. Luckily she is saved by Yunhe and Cheng. To hide her true identity, Danfeng makes up a fake name as Qionghua and takes Yunhe as her brother. Afterwards, the Chief Commander finds Danfeng. After knowing the Emperor is seriously sick, Danfeng agrees to leave for home. Fang Lingzhu mistakenly drinks the knock-out drops prepared by Zhang Wenfeng. Misunderstanding in the dark that the other one is their own lover, Lingzhu and Wenfeng spend a loving night together. In the imperial palace, Yunhe misses Qionghua (Danfeng) so much that he refuses to complete the exam paper. Danfeng loves him even more after finding out his intention. Thus she orders to pick Yunhe as the first place in the examination and invites him to be the princess' husband.  Lingzhu accuses Yunhe of breaking her heart, while Cheng confesses the truth to everyone. Eventually both of the loving couples are happily united.