• Artistic DirectorLaw Ka-ying

    Lovers at the Mercy of the Sword

    • Screenwriter
      Lo Tok
    11. 10. 201219:30
Performance Introduction

Twin sisters Huang Yumei and Yufen are arranged a marriage to the family of Yang and Ma respectively before their birth. The war has separated the sisters. While Madam Huang replaces Yumei with Yufen and marries her to General Yang Zhicheng for the sake of his richness, Yumei pretends to be Yufen and follows Ma Junsheng under the order of her father.

Appreciating Junsheng’s ability, the Chief General Liu Zhenbang orders him to lead the army. Yumei comes to the battlefield and brings Junsheng his battle robe. Mistaking Yumei for her sister, Zhicheng is furious at Yufen being loose in morals. Zhenbang’s army runs short of food and the soldiers are too hungry to fight. Junsheng plans to kill his wife to feed the soldiers. As Zhicheng mistakes Yumei for his wife, he agrees to the plan so as to kill Yufen. Baining is forced to distract Xiaolan away. Junsheng confesses to Yumei his plan and passes out when he tries to kill her. Zhicheng arrives and finds out that the dead lady is not his wife. To help her husband, Yumei ends her own life leaving a suicide note. Junsheng recovers and gets disappointed at his wife, thinking she has run away with Baining. On the other hand, on the way of fleeing Baining bumps into Yufen, who is looking for her husband. Framed by Emperor of the enemy Hu Hantu, they are mistaken as spies, as a bomb is being put into their luggage. Junsheng investigates into the case and is about to execute the ladies. Arriving in time, Zhicheng stops the execution and presents the suicide note written by Yumei. At the same time, Madam Huang is searching for her daughters at the site. The truth is revealed. Eventually, Yufen and Junsheng fulfill the marriage promise since birth. Zhicheng marries Xiaolan.