• Artistic DirectorSun Kim-long

    Impeachment of Yan Song

    • Screenwriter
      Lee Siu-wan
    11. 09. 201219:30
    12. 09. 201219:30
Performance Introduction

The wine storeowner Su Wentong fails to repay his debt to the Officer Mao Liang, who requests Wentong to repay by letting his daughter Yuanchun to be the officer’s concubine. The chivalrous Hai Rui, a candidate of the imperial exam, passes by and repays for Wentong with all his belongings. Emperor Jiajing disguises himself as a commoner to travel through cities. Captivated with the beauty of Yuanchun, the Emperor crowns her to be his Queen. Meanwhile, a fortune-teller Yan Song notices the true identity of this disguised man. The Emperor is so pleased that he assigns Yan Song to be the Secretary and returns to his palace. Yan Song and his daughter Yan Yuejiao’s wickedness has caused disasters and sufferings to the country and the people. Prince Yunlong tries to take Yan Song’s life by accusing the Secretary of disrespect. Playing down the issue, the Emperor orders Yan Song to apologize by kowtow. Hai Rui risks his life to make ten impeachments against Song. Under Yuejiao’s influence, the Emperor refuses to hear. Hai Rui points out that the Emperor is being fatuous. The furious Emperor sentences him to death; luckily the Prince returns in time. Yan Song and Yuejiao plot to drive Yuanchun, Prince Yunlong and Hai Rui away. Hai Rui is assigned to a lower rank. Yuanchun invites him to the palace and meets her. The maid Hehua informs Yuejiao of the meeting. The Emperor and Yuejiao discovers Hai Rui’s shoes at Yuanchun’s place. In fury, the Emperor puts on a trial. Yuanchun sacrifices herself to save Hai Rui. Hai Rui then reveals the past story between them. The Yan’s drive a wedge between the Emperor and Hai Rui. While the Emperor orders to execute Hai Rui, Prince Yunlong presents evidences of Yan Song’s wrongdoings. The Emperor punishes the Yan’s. Visiting Yuanchun’s grave at night, Prince Yunlong is informed that his mother is still alive. The Emperor passes out as he recalls the loving memories he shared with Yuanchun. Yet, finding out Yuanchun is not dead, the Emperor publicly condemns Yan Song and returns to the palace with his lover.