• Artistic DirectorYuen Siu-fai

    A Dream in Yangzhou

    • Screenwriter
      Chui Tsz-long
    22. 09. 201719:30
    23. 09. 201719:30
Performance Introduction

Songstress Liwen from Yangzhou is extraordinarily talented and beautiful, but also frigid and proud. Someone poisons her because of this, causing her to go blind. Her lover, the hero Liu Yulong, also loses his sight after being poisoned by an enemy. General Song Wenhua proposes to Liwen, but she refuses. Liwen’s half sister loves Wenhua, however, and Liwen successfully matches the two. Yulong’s brother,Yuhu, steals the snow lotus, an imperial treasure, which eventually cures the blindness of both Yulong and Liwen, but in the process makes the lovers torn apart.


Three years later, Yulong and Liwen’s blindness is cured. A feudal lord, Wei, adopts Liwen and makes her his princess, called Fengping, to show his appreciation of her talent and beauty. Yulong passes the imperial examination and is appointed prefect. An upright imperial censor has him secretly investigate Wei to uncover a traitorous plot. Having become bandits, Yulong’s brother Yuhu and Wenhua meet Yulong and Liwen again. They reunite and plan together to bring the feudal lord to justice. Former general Song is reinstated to his previous post on account of his meritorious service. Yulong marries Liwen, and Wenhua marries Liwen’s half sister.