• Artistic DirectorLaw Ka-ying


    • Screenwriter
      Lu DanLaw Ka-ying
    13. 10. 201219:30
Performance Introduction

The time is South Sung Dynasty, during the Fan Yue rebellion. Fun GungCheung, along with his daughter YukMui set on the road to present a petition to raise a punitive expedition. Father and daughter becomes scattered on the way.


In order to escape an advance from Koi SaiYing, YukMui throws herself into a river and is rescued by HeiChow, the nephew of YueWai. On the way, YukMui and HeiChow are drenched by the rain and sought shelter in a temple. When they had to remove their clothing to dry, HeiChow keeps his gentlemanly composure; YukMui secretly gives her heart.


Meanwhile, SaiYing and YueWai arrive at the temple in pursuit and try to force YukMui into marriage. HeiChow, in his bid to save YukMui declares her spoken for, thus obliges to marry YukMui.


Seeing YuiWai and his nephew warring for the purpose of looting, with the help from YukMui, Kum Lan tries to persuade YuiWai and his nephew to stop.  KungCheung finally makes rendezvous with his daughter, yet viewing HeiChow’s role as a rebel, commands YukMui to annul her marriage.


At their parting, the two vow to make amends by the seal of a matching pair of mirrors. HeiChow then enrolls in the army under a pseudonym and emerges victorious.

In order to rekindle his love, HeiChow asks the famous generals Yue Fei and Han SaiZhong to intercede on his behalf. In the meanwhile, HeiChow feign failure to test his spouse and fools around with his in-law- to-be. Finally, with understanding, the couple is re-united.