• Artistic DirectorDanny Li Chi-kei

    The Idiot Pays Respects

    • Screenwriter
      Yuen Siu-fai
    15. 11. 201219:30
Performance Introduction

Father of Dai is sick and the two elder daughters of the Dai’s family, scheme to seize the family's properties. Since Father of Dai likes his youngest daughter, Sanjie the most, the two elder daughters decided to marry her off, even though the intended husband is a dumbhead. Although Liu Amou is slow-witted, Sanjie likes him for being simple and honest. After marriage, Liu keeps being bullied by others and they are so poor, but they are still having a satisfactory life. When Father of Dai's birthday comes, the whole family goes back home to celebrate with him, while he decided to test how talented his three sons-in-law are during the birthday party. How will Liu perform in the test? And will he succesfully pass the test?