• Artistic DirectorYuen Siu-fai

    The Supreme Sacrifice by Zhou Ren

    • Screenwriter
      Chan Wing-kwong
    17. 10. 201819:30
    18. 10. 201819:30
Performance Introduction

A treacherous court official's butler, Yim Nin receives an order to execute To Man Hok and his whole family. Since Yim has been coveting the beauty of To's wife, Wu Sau Ying for a long time, and he wants to occupy Wu through this opportunity. Before escaping from Yim, To has asked his younger brother-in-law, Chow Yan to take care his wife. Unfortunately, To is caught by Yim and Yim discovers that Wu is under the protection of Chow. After that, Chow is forced by Yim to dedicate To's wife. Since Chow owes To a favor, he wants to try his very best to protect To's wife and does not want to dedicate her to Yim. Suddenly, Chow discovers that his own wife, Li Lan Ying looks quite similar to Wu, and he starts planning to replace Wu by Li...