• Artistic DirectorSun Kim-long

    Forty Years of Cherished Love

    • Screenwriter
      Chen Guan-qing
    18. 10. 201719:30
    19. 10. 201719:30
Performance Introduction

The poet Lu You and Tang Wan is a pair of couple who deeply in love with each other. But the career of Lu You has not been smooth since his marriage with her, so his mother, out of suspicions that thinking it is Tang Wan who brings in bad luck for her son, hence breaks them apart. They desperately resist, but as with all the others in the society structure of the old time, they failed. They are separated at last and end up marrying others they are not meant to be.


Three years later, the two meet again while they are each traveling with their new spouses. They greet each other and then sperate after some small talk, pretending it is nothing. But it is not, it is a grief too much for each of them. Lu You carved a poem, the “Phoenix Hairpin”, furiously on the wall to spill out his desperate craving of his one and only lady. And the lady, with a passion of equivalent, cannot find a way to express it and ends up turns into an illness that devouring her inside out.


Tang Wan’s saturation has gone ever worsening and has never beable to leave her bed. One day, Wang Chun'e, Lu You’s wife, knowing her husband could never truly loves her, brings in the poem “Phoenix Hairpin”. Thinking Tang Wan has to know how deeply and desperately Lu You loves her in her final moment. Tang wan then, mourning about their unfruitful love, passed away.


40 years later, Lu You’s career has not gone smooth. He quits his uneventful job, and comes back again at the garden where he last met his true love, caressing on the poem he once wrote for the one he should have never let go...