• Artistic DirectorYuen Siu-fai

    Meng Lijun

      16. 01. 201619:30
      17. 01. 201619:30
    Performance Introduction

    Missing her daughter so badly, Madame Han gets ill and Meng Lijun pays her a visit, leaking the secret of her disguised as a man and working as Chancellor. Being informed that the Chancellor is his long-missing sister, Meng Jialing exposes the information to his brother-in-law Huangfu Shaohua. Liang Jian refuses to believe that his son-in-law is in fact a woman. Thus Huangfu Jingzhong urges to investigate into Meng Lijun’s identity. On the imperial court, despite the testimonies provided by her mother and nanny Mrs. Su, Lijun still denies disguising as a man. Though Emperor Chengzong doubts her words, he plots to secretly to marry Lijun. Meanwhile, Xiang Nanjin appears in court and claims to be Lijun. The Emperor orders Shaohua to marry Nanjin instead. Enjoying a visit to the imperial garden with Lijun, Emperor Chengzong seduces the lady with poems. Huangfu Zhanghua witnesses the scene and gets jealous. Mrs. Su deceives Lijun into visiting the House, where Shaohua attempts to move her with his affection. Yet, Lijun remains to deny her true identity. Zhanghua and Mother Queen together fuddle Lijun with alcohol, ordering the eunuch Rong Lu to do the bodycheck. Rong Lu steals Lijun’s embroidered shoes, which are taken by Emperor Chengzong to force Lijun into a marriage with him. Lijun rejects his proposal and confesses to Liang Jian her true identitiy. Out of jealousy and bitterness, Emperor Chengzong intends to send Lijun to death. Fortunately, after hearing the explanations from Lijun, the Mother Queen calls off the execution and adopts her as a daughter. Lijun and Shaohua eventually reunite and live happily ever after.