• Artistic DirectorYuen Siu-fai

    How Song Jiang Slew Yan Xijiao

    • Screenwriter
      Yuen Siu-faiSo Yung
    14. 01. 201619:30
    15. 01. 201619:30
Performance Introduction

As Yan Xijiao’s father has passed away, she gets kick-out by the inn-keeper. Showing his sympathy, Song Jiang donates money to her. Xijiao’s mother Ma Erniang marries Xijiao to Jiang as his concubine. Jiang accommodates both Xijiao and her mother at the Black Dragon Yard. The bored concubine meets Zhang Wenyuan by chance when he comes to borrow tea, and starts an affair with him.

One day, Liu Tang and Lin Chong from Mountain Liang deliver a letter from leader Chao Gai to Jiang. The three meet at a tavern. On the way Jiang hears some gossips from neighbors about the affairs between Xijiao and Wenyuan. Being treated coldly at the Black Dragon Yard, Jiang leaves in anger yet mistakenly leaves the letter behind. Xijiao discovers it and blackmails Jiang for a divorce. Yet, despite Jiang’s compliance, Xijiao insists reporting Jiang’s betrayal to the government. In utter fury, Jiang eventually kills the concubine. While Jiang returns home and bids farewell to his wife, Xijiao’s mother has reported the case to the officials. Luckily, Jiang is saved by Tang and Chong from the searching of the force.  The murderer Jiang finds himself compelled to join the outlaws on Mountain Liang.Even in death Xijiao still misses Wenyuan. Disguised as a living human, the ghost Xijiao pays him a visit. To her surprise, Wenyuan has already fallen in love with another woman. Angrily Xijiao kills her lover and takes him with her to the underworld.