• Artistic DirectorLaw Ka-ying

    The Sassy Princess and Her Blunt Husband

    • Screenwriter
      Yip Shiu-tuck
    17. 01. 201719:30
    18. 01. 201719:30
Performance Introduction

Princess Fengxia laughed at the handicapped ambassadors sent from neighboring countries. Insulted, the ambassadors vowed to go to war. The General Commander in Chief Meng Feihong fought a victorious battle and probed into the cause of the war. During the trial, he was defeated by the princess' quick wits. Likened by the Princess, Feihong was ordered to marry the Princess. At Feihong 's mansion, the Princess asked Feihong to kneel to her but Feihong took out the Imperial Golden Truncheon and instead forced her to kowtow every three steps while entering his house. At night, the Princess refused to let her husband into the wedding chamber thus Feihong resorted to sleeping on the ground. She then complained to the king and asked to have Feihong banished to a Buddhist temple. Feihong was punished accordingly, but the Princess regretted and asked Tian Fu to rescue him. Finally, the Princess rushed to the temple and the young couple happily reunited.