• Artistic DirectorLaw Ka-ying

    The Story of Lu Yanqiu and Mei Yubing

    • Screenwriter
      Poon Yat-fan
    06. 12. 201419:30
    07. 12. 201419:30
Performance Introduction

The frail Mei Yubing is always mistreated by her stepmother Zhu Mingfeng. Mingfeng’s daughter Yanshu rejects Liu Shiyuan’s love because she has an affection for Lu Yanqiu, to whom Yubing has been engaged. Relying on her royal family, Mingfeng decides to marry Yanshu instead of Yubing to Yanqiu, but is rejected. And thus, on the wedding day, Yubing’s father, Mei Tianle, sees her off without proper dowry.

On the wedding night, Yubing drinks tonic by mistake and spits blood. Yanqiu’s father, Lu Songxuan, seizes the opportunity to order him to replace the bride with Yanshu. But, due to the urgent call from the battlefield, Yanqiu has to leave home in a hurry that very night. Feeling deserted and lonely, Yanshu begins an affair with Shiyuan impulsively after going home. Having found a book on Lucretia at their door, Yanshu mistakes it as Yubing’s warning of their misconduct. Plotting to kill Yubing, Yanshu send her a poisoned cake, but that kills Mingfeng instead.

As soon as Mingfeng’s brother, Zhu Chengzu, hears about the death, he orders Yanqiu, who has done a deed of merit at the battlefield, to participate in the case hearing. Without any favourable evidence to Yubing, Yanqiu can do nothing to help her. Trying desperately to prove who the murderer is, Tianle discloses Yanshu’s adultery with Shiyuan. Regardless of the adulterers’ tenacious denial, Yanqiu finally convicts them of murder with the testification given by the maids. At long last, Yubing recovers her innocence and reunites with Yanqiu.