• Artistic Director Loong Koon-tin

    The Returned Armour

    • Screenwriter
      Poon Yat-fan
    19. 10. 201219:30
Performance Introduction

Sima Zhongxian and Liu Rushuang are lovers. On the eve of Zhongxian’s expeditionary errand, the lovers, without their parents’ knowledge, exchange an armour and a flute as betrothal gifts. However, Zhongxian’s elder, handicapped brother Boling, who also loves Rushuang, forces his stepmother to match them. Besides, Li Meizhu intends to separate the lovers because she has had a crush on Zhongxian. Unwillingly, Rushuang agrees to marry Boling out of gratitude to the Sima family.


With Rushuang’s brother Mengxiong, Zhongxian returns home in triumph and is shocked at the wedding of Rushuang and Boling. Since his lover becomes his sister-in-law, Zhongxian returns Rushuang the armour and refuses to run away with her. Having discovered their secret, Boling scolds Rushuang but is taunted in return. Overwhelmed with anger, Boling runs away from home.


Worrying about Boling, Madame Sima gets sick. One day, Boling is seen begging in the street by Madame Sima, but he refuses to go back with her. After Zhongxian returns home with the title of a noble, Boling reprimands Madame Sima for spoiling him. Madame Sima begins to realize her wrongness for spoiling Boling and mistreating Zhongxian. Boling, having experienced the hardships of life, agrees to settle the grudges with Zhongxian and part with Rushuang for the sake of reuniting the family.