• Artistic DirectorWan Fai-yin

    War and Never-ending Love

    • Screenwriter
      Poon Cheuk
    02. 01. 201419:30
    03. 01. 201419:30
Performance Introduction

Shetong Pass is under siege. As her father She Hong is too proud to seek help from Yang Gun, Saihua asks her maid Paiyun to send a letter to Gun’s son Jiye for help. After the crisis, the old men settle all the grudges, and the young ones also admire each other. When both the Yang and She soldiers go hunting up in the mountain, Jiye and Saihua fall for each other.

Thus, Gun proposes marriage for his son with Hong. However, the Dowager has bestowed Saihua’s marriage upon Suen Jian’s son Yan. And there arises misunderstanding when Saihua visits Jiye to find a solution. Hong then resorts to choosing his son-in-law through martial arts contest. During the fight, Saihua first defeats Yan and then fakes a loss to Jiye to avoid a mismatch. Jian is infuriated and Cui Yinglong takes the opportunity to incite disharmony among the three General Families.

Being misled to believe that Jiye beats up her father and kills her younger brother, Saihua chases after him to the Seven-Stars Temple but is caught in his trap. Finally, Jian discloses Yinglong’s dirty deed after intercepting his letter of treason. Due to the revelation of the truth and the Suns’ willingness to abandon the marriage arrangement, Saihua and Jiye can get married in the end.