• Artistic DirectorWan Fai-yin

    Cantonese Opera Excerpt Performances : Kneeling by the Pond from The Outburst of a Shrew, Flooding the Gold Mountain Temple from The Legend of the White Snake, Excerpts from Forty Years of Cherished Love

    • Screenwriter
      Tong Tik Sang (The Outburst of a Shrew)Chan Guan-qing (Forty Years of Cherished Love)
    06. 12. 201919:00
    07. 12. 201919:00
Performance Introduction

Kneeling by the Pond from The Outburst of a Shrew


The prefecture Chan Gwai-sheung has always been hen-pecked, but one day while he is invited to hang out with his friend So Tung-po, he meets another lady, and gets engaged with her right away. His wife Lau Yuk-ngo is furious and beats Gwai-sheung with a rosewood stick and orders him to kneel and repent by a willowy pond


Flooding the Gold Mountain Temple from The Legend of the White Snake


Bai Suzhen, the white snake, falls in love with scholar Xu Xian. The two get married with Xiaoqing the green snake as their matchmaker. Monk Fahai traps Xu Xian at Jinshan Temple. Suzhen and Xiaoqing beg Fahai to release Xu Xian, but are subdued by celestial soldiers. Suzhen is determined to fight back and floods Jinshan Temple with water. Yet, she is not strong enough because she is pregnant…


Excerpts from Forty Years of Cherished Love

Poet Lu You marries his cousin, Tang Wan. His mother thinks that Tang Wan will bring black luck to her son and so she forces the two to separate, which they strenuously resist. Lu You’s mother prevails, and the two lovers end up marrying other people.


Three years later, the former spouses meet again in the Shen Garden. When Tang Wan toasts Lu You, mixed feelings well up in their hearts. On a wall, Lu You writes a poem titles “Phoenix Hairpin”. Shortly after the encounter, Tang Wan dies of grief.


Forty years later, Lu revisits the old place and weeps over the poem, reminiscing his beautiful wife who has passed away.


Special announcement (20/11/2019):

Performance "Cantonese Opera Excerpt Performances" will be rescheduled from 7:30 pm to 7 pm. Please show your original tickets to attend the performance at 7 pm. There is no need to exchange or reprint the tickets. 
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