• Artistic DirectorYuen Siu-fai

    Formulaic Plays Excerpts

    • Screenwriter
      Tan Qing-shuang (Under the Umbrella from The Moon Pavilion)Tong Tik-sang (Kneeling by the Pond from The Outburst of a Shrew)
    03. 12. 201619:30
    04. 12. 201619:30
Performance Introduction

Farewell at the Cavern

The daughter of the Minister, Wang Baochuan, wants a brave and worthy husband instead of someone who is just wealthy. She has chosen Xie Pinggui, a filthy, dirt-poor but ambitious, capable peasant. Her father rejects her choice so Wang Baochuan just let her father to go with the young peasant. The couple is being pushed to corner by the Minister’s, the peasant has no other choice but to join the army in the hope of gaining fame on the battlefield. The couple farewell in their broken cavern.


Kneeling by the Pond from The Outburst of a Shrew

The prefecture Chen Jichang has always been hen-pecked, but one day he while he is invited to hang out with his friend Su Dongpo, he meets another lady. Being tempted by her, Jichang somehow engaged with her right out, which has been found out by his wife, Liu Yu’e. She beats him hard and send him kneeling next to the pond for confessing his wrongdoing.


Under the Umbrella from The Moon Pavilion

Jiang Shilong is separated with his sister while they are running away for the flame of war. He tries to call her out, he finds not his sister but another lady Wang Ruilan, who is lost and is finding her father. They get to know each other and decide to go on together. During the journey, they get engaged in the rain while sharing an umbrella.