• Artistic DirectorDanny Li Chi-kei

    The Lost Kite

    • Screenwriter
      Yang Zi-jing
    15. 01. 201519:30
    16. 01. 201519:30
Performance Introduction

Being a maid to serve the Young Lady, Cuilian leads a hard life at the House of the Magistrate. One day, Cuilian makes a kite for the Young Lady, yet the kite is broken and picked up by the scholar Zhang Yimin. Searching again and again for the kite, Cuilian finds out Yimin has written a poem on it. Although Cuilian is sure she will be scolded by the Magistrate couple, she has no choice but get the kite back. As soon as Cuilian returns to the House, the Magistrate couple harshly beat her up. Refusing to reveal the identity of poet, she is even locked up in the woodshed. The Magistrate couple plot to send Cuilian away as a concubine. Luckily another maid Qiuxiang secretly informs and releases her. Cuilian disguises herself in men's clothes and flees to Qiong Tai College. While she is saved by the Tutor Xie Bao, she bumps into Magistrate's advisor who comes for her. Cuilian and Yimin express their love pledge to each other, while the Magistrate searches the college with his crew. Yimin begs his Tutor Xie Bao to save them. In sympathy, Xie Bao argues with the Magistrate. He manages to hide Cuilian in the sedan chair, sending the young couple to the suburbs and finally get married.