• Artistic Director Loong Koon-tin

    Contending for the Bride

    • Screenwriter
      Poon Yat-fanYip Shiu-tuck
    04. 08. 201519:30
    05. 08. 201519:30
Performance Introduction

At Chinese New Year Eve, Gui Nanping and Yu Jiezhen fall in love at first sight after Nanping rescues Jiezhen and her maid from Chu Tiehao’s molestation. However, when Nanping sees Jiezhen’s father, Yu Youcai, collecting debts from the poor, he beats him up and forces him to tear the IOUs into pieces so as to teach him a lesson. With this grudge and the prejudice against Nanping and for his father’s shabby clothes, Youcai breaks off the engagement that was made before Nanping and Jiezhen’s birth. He further agrees to marry Jiezhe to Tiehao.


Youcai finds that Nanping meets Jiezhen in secret and declares against their marriage unless Nanping can present a betrothal gift which matches his wealth. Nanping comes earlier than Tiehao for the bride but is expelled on the accusation of embezzling. Unwilling to marry Tiehao, Jiezhen disguises herself as the bridesmaid and has Jiebing be the bride when Tiehao comes. Her plan fails and the parties take the case to court.


With his powerful status, Tiehao compels Bi Shoufa to find Nanping guilty and forces Jiezhen to be his wife. Luckily, Nanping’ s father arrives with the imperial edict and reprimands Tiehao and Yu’ s father. Finally, Nanping and Jiezhen become a couple as they were engaged before their birth. The story comes to a happy ending.