• Artistic DirectorDanny Li Chi-kei

    Regret from Spring Lantern & Feather Fan

    • Screenwriter
      Tong Tik-sang
    13. 01. 201519:30
    14. 01. 201519:30
Performance Introduction

After the death of Officer Yang, his concubine Qin Mefeng elopes with He Renlong, taking her daughter Yang Baozhu and the spring lantern with her. The lantern is the marriage token granted by Queen Dowager. It is the period of war. In order to afford her mother and brother's living, Yang Xiufang, another daughter of Officer Yang, sells herself to Li Yingxiang. After 18 years, Xiufang secretly falls in love with Zhang Jiuhuan, who has ran away from his rich family. Yingxiang is so bitter as he has a crush on Xiufang. Afterwards, Jiuhuan is forced by his mother to return home for marriage. Knowing Mefeng’s plan to invite Jiuhuan to be Baozhu’s husband with the spring lantern, Xiufang forces into her house and asks for the lantern. However, Yingxiang is prisoned by Renlong for being a thief. In order to save her benefactor, Xiufang has no choice but forgoes her love. Refusing to marry Baozhu, Jiuhuan is heartbroken after knowing Xiufang is getting married with Yingxiang. Mefeng attempts to kill Xiufang by burning the woodshed. However, Yingxiang dies in the fire to save her. Jiuhuan succeeds in the imperial exam. When he bumps into Xiufang who is borrowing money at the Family of He, he insults her for being unfaithful to his love. To afford the burial of her father, Xiufang sells herself to as a court servant and finds out the court officer is her own brother Yang Huaiyu. The family is reunited. With Huaiyu's help, justice is done. Mefeng and Renlong are punished. The lovers Xiufang and Jiuhuan can finally continue their love story.