• Artistic DirectorLaw Ka-ying

    Chuncao Barging into the Court

    • Screenwriter
      Law Ka-ying
    12. 10. 201319:30
Performance Introduction

The Prime Minister's daughter, Li Banyue, and her maid, Chuncao, went to the temple and are harassed by a high-ranking official's son, Wu Du. Xue Meiting tries to rescue Banyue and accidentally beats Wu Du to death. Meiting is arrested and Wu Du's mother Lady Wu, asks the local magistrate to beat Meiting to death. In an attempt to save Meiting, Chuncao barges into court and makes a bogus claim that Meiting is the Prime Minister's son-in-law but Magistrate Hu insists on verifying Meiting's status. Finally, Chuncao has got the consent from Banyue to accept Meiting as her husband. Banyue then tries to get consent from her father, the Prime Minister, but he is very upset and writes a letter to ask Magistrate Hu to execute Meiting. Chuncao has stolen the letter and Banyue makes some changes to the wordings. Magistrate Hu is tricked to send Mei-ting to the capital as the most prestigious son-in-law of the Prime Minister and even the Emperor sends them a wedding present. The Prime Minister is forced to accept the marriage at the end.