• Artistic DirectorLaw Ka-ying

    Cao Cao & Yang Xiu

    • Screenwriter
      Qin Zhongying
    02. 12. 201419:30
    03. 12. 201419:30
Performance Introduction

Defeated at the Red Cliff, Cao Cao announces to recruit the talented all over the country. When Cao offers sacrifice to Guo Jia, his adopted daughter Lumingnu recommends Yang Xiu to him. However, Xiu is only willing to be an officer at the barn and introduces Kong Wendai to assist Cao. To secretly control Xiu, Cao arranges his adapted daughter Lumingnu to marry Xiu. Due to Gongsun Hans wicked words, Wendai is killed by Cao, who excuses himself with a sickness of killing in the dream. In order to nail his lie, Xiu makes Caos wife Qianniang to send him a coat to the mourning hall at night, Cao has no choice but kill his wife. Knowing he has angered Cao, Xiu sends Lumingnu back to the homeland. Afterwards Cao chases after him with the gauntlet of Zhuge Liang. Xiu understands the implication once he reads it. It makes Cao unpleased he bets that he can get the clue before the horse has walked for ten miles. Eventually he loses the bet for thirty miles. Cao gets jealous and decide to kill Xiu. From Cao's password "chicken ribs", Xiu reads Cao's mind and reveals that he wants to withdraw the army. As Xiu has known about this military confidentials, Cao orders to execute him. Urging his father to spare Xiu's life in vain, Lumingnu sadly kills herself. After the sorrowful death of Xiu, Cao withdraws the troops and continues to recruit the talented.