• Artistic DirectorDanny Li Chi-kei

    The Frosty Night

    • Screenwriter
      Tong Tik-sang
    24. 10. 201319:30
    25. 10. 201319:30
Performance Introduction

Mo Jichen and Wu Suqin have an illegitimate baby girl and plan to elope. Jichen’s father, Mo Xi, compels him to marry Wei Shuxian, sister of Inspector General Wei Chengxun. Having discovered their secret, Mo Xi tricks Suqin to leave a letter and depart alone. Because of her brother’s help in getting an official position for Jichen, Shuxian looks down upon Mo Xi and bullies him; and during the quarrel with Jichen, she falls and has a miscarriage. Mo Xi can only replace the dead baby with Suqin’s daughter.

Sixteen years later, on the engagement day of Xiaoqin and the son of Commissioner of Surveillance Liao Yunting, Shuqin comes for her daughter but is expelled. Out of pity, Chengxun accommodates her. After refusing Chengxun’s proposal of marriage, Shuqin reunites with Jichen who happens to be visiting Chengxun. Out of justice, the maid Xiaohong discloses Xiaoqin’s identity.

Shuxian scolds Mo Xi when he asks for Xiaoqin. Jichen pushes her in his fury. Shuxian falls against a pillar and dies. When he discovers the inside story, Yunting breaks the engagement between his son and Xiaoqin in anger. After many difficulties, Xiaoqin finds her mother. And thus, Shuqin finally reunites with her family, Jichen and Xiaoqin. Besides, Chengxun despairs of being an official and retires to the countryside with Mo Xi.