• Artistic DirectorLaw Ka-ying

    The Hero's Blood on Mount Pipa

    • Screenwriter
      Lee Siu-Wan
    09. 08. 201719:30
    10. 08. 201719:30
Performance Introduction

Guan Wenhu, a stubborn arrogant spoiled general, always thinking his parent love his younger brother, Guan Wenju, more. So he leaves his cold family when he was young long ago, only finding warmth from his lover, whom he has been knowing since childhood, the orphan Cheng Xiaoju.


One day the barbarian invades, Wenhu leads the resistance but is defeated by a simple traps by the barbarian whom manipulates his arrogance. To save his life, he left his armor as decoy and rushes away. But it is not only the barbarian he tricked, also his brother and father who come to try rescue him. Thinking Wenhu is dead, his father matches Xiaoju to Wenju so she would not be unattended as in with good will.


A year later, a child is born by Xiaoju and Wenju. And the missing Wenhu returns, who now is a leader of a group of highwayman. Infuriated to know his lover has been matched with his brother, he challenge his brother for a duel to death on mount Pipa…