• Artistic DirectorWan Fai-yin

    Romance of Liu Yi

    • Screenwriter
      Yip Shiu-tuck
    22. 03. 201619:30
    23. 03. 201619:30
Performance Introduction

Daughter of Dragon King of Lake Dongting, Sanniang, is married to the young dragon Prince of River Jing. Sadly she is exiled by her husband to herd sheeps at a mountain. When the scholar Liu Yi passes by River Jing on his way to the imperial examination with his servant Liu Fu, he hears Sanniang’s pledges. Liu Yi decides to deliver a letter for Sanniang. Sanniang gives him a jade hairpin, so that he can use it to knock the mandarin tree, in order to enter the Palace in the Lake. The Dragon King and Queen finally know the plight of Sanniang. Prince Qiantang, younger brother of Dragon King, is so furious that he leads a troop to kill the young dragon, setting Sanniang free. Noticing Sanniang’s affection towards Liu Yi, Prince Qiantang intends to arrange a marriage for them but Liu Yi declines. Although Sanniang adores Liu Yi, the scholar refuses to stay as he has to look after his mother, and is concerned about gossips of the others. Sanniang lets Liu Yi keep her jade hairpin, while he gives her a jade bracelet as a gift before leaving.


Liu Yi returns home and misses Sanniang a lot. Madame Liu learns about the happenings at Lake Dongting from Liu Fu. Thus, she arranges some blind dates for her son. Prince Qiantang disguises himself as a matchmaker, taking Sanniang to meet Liu Yi. Seeing Sanniang as a common person, Liu Yi is confused until she takes out the jade bracelet. Liu Yi is so delighted to meet Sanniang again, the lovers are reunited happily.