• Artistic DirectorLaw Ka-ying

    Romance by the Peach Blossom Lake

    • Screenwriter
      Lo Tok
    06. 08. 201319:30
Performance Introduction

It all starts at the Peach Blossom Lake. Yam Kam Shing and Chu Daan Fung where hunting eagles each on their own, the eagle fly over the Peach Blossom Lake, leading them to meet each other, so as their crush. They even engaged each other with a pair of silver and gold darts.

What they don't know is one of them is the prince of the East Qi, one is the soon-to-be queen of Nan Ping. Every new queen of Nan Ping must host a competition for choosing her husband and never just by her own will. So a competition she hosts and the competition he joins, just for formality. Everything goes smooth, until Chu Daan Fung's royal sister comes out and claims she has been raped by Yam Kam Shing. So, exactly what happened?