• Artistic Director Loong Koon-tin

    The Beauty and the General

    • Screenwriter
      Yip Shiu-tuck
    18. 10. 201219:30
Performance Introduction

King of Country Leung is dying.  General Chiu Gaikwong accompanies Prince Mangim to Danyang and asks for Princess Nganping’s support.  Meanwhile, Prince Manyung and his teacher Lau Lukyam come to do the same.  Princess Nganping declines to support the eldest Prince Mangim’s succession to the throne because of her love for Prince Mangim’s younger brother, Manyung.


General Wai Gonshing fails to change her mind.  Upon Soengngo’s delivery of the King’s fill to Manyung, Nganping is persuaded by Lau Lukyam to mobilize her army to support Manyung and send people to assassinate Mangim.  Mangim is killed.  General Chiu Gaikwong has no choice but to help the youngest Prince Mangung to flee.


After Manyung becomes the new king, he executes a large number of ministers and officials, and generously rewards Soengngo and her brother Tse Sung.  Besides, upon the excuse that she goes to the court with her sword, he punishes Nganping by breaking the vow of their marriage and takes away her army.  Taking the advantage of Manyung being drunk, Tse Sung fakes a royal decree to execute Nganping. Greatly outraged, General Wai storms into the Palace and kills Tse Sung. To pacify General Wai and stop him from killing Seongngo, Manyung promises to marry him to Nganping.

When Nganping feels regretful for making everyone suffer, General Wai grasps the chance to persuade her to help Prince Mangung to overthrow the wicked ruler Manyung. On the way of escape, the defeated Manyung pleads Nganping to let him go, but is objected by General Wai. Overwhelmed with shame after learning Seongngo’s betrayal of the country, he kills both Seongngo and himself. At last, Mangung becomes the new king with the support of Nganping.