• Artistic DirectorSun Kim-long

    Goddess of the Luo River

    • Screenwriter
      Tong Tik-sang
    17. 08. 201819:30
    18. 08. 201819:30
Performance Introduction

Tso Zik and Concubine Mi are in love. However, Tso Cho wants to make Zik his successor, so he chooses Chan Tak Chu  to be Zik’s wife instead of Mi for her being a captive. He further marries Mi to Tso Pei, brother of Zik, to quench Zik’s affection for Mi. On the wedding night, Pei, under the pretense of drunkenness, unleashes his hatred and jealousy towards Zik. Overwhelmed with worries about Zik’s safety, Mi falls into Pei’s trap by asking Zik to meet her in private. As a result, Zik is exiled to Lamji.


After Tso Cho has died, Pei becomes the king. He begins to purge his brothers to secure his rule. After the failure to summon Zik back to the capital, Pei forces Mi to write to urge Zik to return with the excuse that the Queen Dowager misses him.


On the Copper Bird Terrace, Pei orders Zik to compose a poem within seven steps. If he fails, Zik will be sentenced to death for his undeserved fame. To Pei’s surprise, Zik accomplishes this challenging task with Mi’s encouragement. After hacking a foot off a clay tripod cauldron to illustrate how helpless Pei will be without his brothers, Mi drowns herself into the Luo River. Mourning her by the River, Zik dreams of Mi ascending to the heaven and becomes the Goddess of the Luo River.