• Artistic DirectorDanny Li Chi-kei

    The Story of a Woman Scholar at the Han Palace

    • Screenwriter
      Tong Tik-sang
    24. 09. 201319:30
Performance Introduction

YuLi, a female scholar of Han, possesses beauty and talent, and not without a little self-possessiveness. She tutors the girl YanLan and later weds her father. Unfortunately, only three days into their marriage, LiuXiang put Queen Wei's son, Ai, on the throne. King Ai, in light of Kan having backed his rival, the prince of the Eastern Palace, orders Kan’s entire family of three hundred to be executed. YuLi, in exchange for the safety of her elderly father-in-law and young stepdaughter, is forced to marry fief lord Chu. Chu, who has long admired YuLi, goes out of his way to please her but is met with icy disdain.


When Chu sees the return of Kan, he uses arrows to repel him for fear that his wife's love for the man would be rekindled. YuLi, getting wind of what happened, vomits blood in her rage and despair. Lord Chu then tries to steal a healing medicine from the dress of YinLan, who mistakes his efforts as a sexual advance.


Lord Chu, overcome by remorse, decides to commit suicide as a noble deed that will reunite Kan and YuLi. Despite having ultimately received the public's forgiveness, YuLi, having been attacked and ravaged by the hands of the Liu and the Kans, finally succumbs. Unvindicated, the famous Han beauty perishes.


(Translation: Loretta Ling Yeung)