• Artistic DirectorSun Kim-long

    A Buddhist Recluse for Fourteen Years

    • Screenwriter
      Tong Tik-sang
    28. 07. 201719:30
    29. 07. 201719:30
Performance Introduction

"Treasures are easy to come, not so for a loyal love."

The talented female scholar Yu Xuanji has always been a sentimental lady. Knowing her lover Wen Zhang is caught in trouble and is in jail, she doesn't hesitate to sell off her house to bail him out. Knowing her story and knowing the house alone is far from enough, the house buyer Li Yi admires her loyalty and offers to help, to repay the favor she has nothing to offer but her own self.


And this act is translated in betrayal in her lover, Wen Zhang's book. He is so depressed even though he got out of the jail with the money. It is that moment the maid, Luqiao, whom admires Wen Zhang for long, takes the chance and comes to comfort him, on bed. The worst part is, it has been seen by the sacrificed-everything for-him Yu Xuanji.