• Artistic DirectorWan Fai-yin

    The Ungrateful Wang Kui

    • Screenwriter
      Yeung Ji-jing
    26. 03. 201619:30
    27. 03. 201619:30
Performance Introduction

Wang Kui fails in the imperial examination. He is stopped by the snowstorm and stays in the Temple of Sea God at Laiyang with his old servant Wang Zhong. Meanwhile, the songstress Zhao Guiying and Xiaoju also stay at the temple, as their carriage is broken. Appreciating Wang Kui’s talents, Guiying arranges him to live at the east wing and supports his living. The millionaire Master Jin expresses his affection towards Guiying, who rejects his proposal. Redeeming her own freedom with all her savings, she prefers to accompany Kui in poverty. Upon the day of imperial examination, Kui swears with the witness of Sea God that he will cherish Guiying’s love, then he brings Zhong for his journey.


Kui succeeds in the examination and gets appreciated by the Prime Minister, who intends to make him his son-in-law. For a brighter career, Kui abandons Guiying and sends a letter home. Knowing his master abandons the poor wife for a richer one, Zhong is so disappointed that he leaves the House. When Guiying receives Kui’s letter for divorce, she angrily complains to Sea God at the temple and commits suicide. Before her death, Guiying makes a wish to confront her ex-husband as a ghost. The Judge of ghosts pities Guiying, brings her spirit to the Capital for testing Kui. If it is proven that Kui is a heartless man, the Judge will take his life. Confronting her husband at House of the Prime Minister, Guiying pretends to be alive and begs Kui to let her stay as a maid. Kui declines her requests, thus, proven to be a heartless man. As Kui broke his oath, the judge takes Kui’s life.