• Artistic Director Loong Koon-tin

    Merciless Sword Under Merciful Heaven

    • Screenwriter
      Chui Tsz-long
    08. 12. 201319:30
Performance Introduction

Wei Chonghui is a descendant of General Han Xin. After Empress Lu gives the order to exterminate the Han clan, members of the clan changed their family name to Wei and disperse. Hidden in a bamboo forest, a young son of the clan, Chonghui, is raised by Gui Yuchang. Lu Huailiang is ordered by the Empress to persecute Han Xin’s descendants. However, Huailiang’s daughter Daoci and Chonghui have had an innocent affection for each other since childhood, not knowing the feud between the Wei’s and the Lu’s.

One day, the patriarch of the Wei’s clan, Gui Yuchang, tells Chonghui about his family’s history. Chonghui receives from Yuchang the Merciless Sword as well as the task of reviving and reuniting his clan. The clan raises troops and attacks Lu’s camp; Lu’s and the Prince of Ji join together to resist the assault. The Prince forces Daoci, the daughter of Huailiang, to infiltrate the enemy’s camp on the pretext of pursuing peace to wait for a chance to assassinate the commander.

When they recognize each other in the camp, Chonghui and Daoci find themselves torn between their families’ feud and their own love. For the sake of Daoci, Chonghui agrees to surrender to the Prince. The Prince intends to eliminate the troops of the Wei’s and the Lu’s. Refusing to surrender, Yuchang leads the Wei troops against the Prince, only to be defeated. Fortunately, Yuchang is rescued by Chonghui. Realizing his mistake, Huailiang, with the Wei’s, attacks and kills the Prince. Yuchang is seriously wounded, but agrees to a marriage between Chonghui and Daoci before she dies. The Wei’s and the Lu’s are reconciled at last.