• Artistic DirectorSun Kim-long

    When Swallows Return

    • Screenwriter
      Poon Yat-fan
    10. 01. 201319:30
    11. 01. 201319:30
Performance Introduction

Village girl Bai Lixiang and her brother Bai Zhicheng depends on each other in life. Lixiang saved the wounded general Wei Jianhun. They are married and Lixiang is pregnant with his baby. Originally the Prince of Western Liang, Jianhun bids farewell to his wife and sets off to borrow armed forces from the country of Eastern Qi with Zhicheng. He promises to return by the time swallows are back. While Princess Shanhu discovers Zhicheng is disguised as a prince, she forces Jianhun into marrying her as an exchange for borrowing armed forces. Disguised as sister of Jianhun, Princess Shanhu steals Lixiang's son and asks her to lie to Jianhun that their son has been dead. She also orders the general Cai Xiongfeng to kill Lixiang and her son. After knowing the truth, Xiongfeng saves Lixiang’s life instead of executing her. Xihua, the maid of Honour, cannot bear to hurt the child. She then abandon the baby on the bridge. Thinking of gifting money to his sister, Zhicheng returns and comes across the abandoned baby on the bridge. On the wedding ceremony, Xiongfeng leads Lixiang to meet her lover and asks for her son at the imperial hall. Though Princess Shanhu tries to hide the truth, Xihua presents as a witness and tells everything. Afterwards, Jianhun learns that his son was saved by Zhucheng. The family finally happily reunite.