• Artistic DirectorWan Fai-yin

    The Mysterious Affair at Jizhou Academy

    • Screenwriter
      Poon Yat-fan
    15. 10. 201619:30
    16. 10. 201619:30
Performance Introduction

To select a husband for her daughter Fengwei among his students Chen Yansheng, Feng Guohua and Jia Congshan, Chancellor of the Jizhou Academy, Luo Guangchi announces whoever succeeding in the imperial exam can marry Fengwei. Congshan acquires the first place with his political power, while the talented Yansheng only gets the second place. Disappointed, Yansheng returns to homeland. Yet, as he arrives earlier than Guohua and Congshan, Guangchi agrees on the marriage between him and Fengwei.


To get back his love, Congshan plots to murder Guohua and shift the blame on Yansheng. Mistakenly, he kills Fengwei's cousin Li Xiangwen instead. Guohua hears this case of murder. Although Yansheng tries his best to prove his innocence, Congshan adds unfair remarks about him. Guohua has no choice but sentence Yansheng to see service at the border for three years. To protect Fengwei and Madame Li from Congshan’s rage, Guohua flees with them.


Princess of Kingdom Qi saves Yansheng's life and assigns him to an important post. Congshan leads his soldiers to fight against Kingdom Qi, yet defeated by Yansheng. He hides at the reclusive place of Guohua, Fengwei and Madame Li. The trio is arrested as they provide a shelter for the defeated general, while Yansheng is the one to hear the case. Yansheng gives Guohua and Fengwei a hard time.


Fortunately, Madame Li and the Princess prove that nothing immoral has happened between Guohua and Fengwei. Prince of Liang visits Kingdom Qi as a peacemaker and brings along Congshan. Seriously injured, Congshen reveals the truth before his death. Yansheng and Fengwei finally reunite, and the Princess and Guohua get married.