• Artistic DirectorLaw Ka-ying

    Di Qing and Princess Shuangyang

    • Screenwriter
      Law Ka-yingYang ShengWang Ting-zhi
    05. 12. 201519:30
    06. 12. 201519:30
Performance Introduction

Di Qing, a military general of the Song dynasty, is assigned to lead the war against the Kingdom of Xiliao. He gathers Zhang Chong, Li Yi, Liu Qing and Shi Yu to be his associates. Fearing the alcohol-lover Jiao Tinggui will make a mistake, Qing rejects his request to participate in the war. Yet, since Tinggui swears to avoid alcohol and has got the Emperor of Song as well as Grand Master Pang Hong’s recommendations, Qing agrees to assign him to be the frontline fighter. When Tinggui checks on the path, he is misled by Yang Tao, an associate of Pang Hong, and takes a wrong path to the Kingdom of Shanshan. During the battle, Princess Shuangyang of Shanshan and General Hulan criticize the Song Court’s recklessness to invade other kingdom. By that time Qing finds out that he made an unforgivable mistake. Princess Shuangyang and Qing fall in love with each other during the battle. Qing is captured and put on trial in Shanshan, where the King of Shanshan orders to execute the General. The Princess pleads to spare Qing’s life, while Hulan reveals the Princess’ affection towards Qing. Thus, the King of Shanshan arranges a marriage for them. Although the newly wed couple enjoys a loving life, Qing misses his family so badly that he asks Tinggui to visit his homeland. Meanwhile, the Emperor of Song is furious about Qing’s marriage and prisons his family. To rescue his family, Qing tricks his wife to get his saber and horse back and sets off to the Kingdom of Xiliao. Princess Shuangyang chases after Qing, who presents a letter from his mother. Knowing Qing’s reason to leave her behind, the Princess also tells Qing that she is pregnant. The King of Shanshan assigns Princess Shuangyang to assist Qing in the war. Finally, Qing and the Princess unite happily ever after.