• Artistic DirectorWan Fai-yin

    Raccoon for a Prince (Part I)

    • Screenwriter
      Yuen Siu-fai
    07. 10. 201419:30
    08. 10. 201419:30
Performance Introduction

In order to get a son, the Emperor Zhen Zong of Song Dynasty spends a night with one of his concubines Li Chen. Queen Liu is jealous when Concubine Li gets pregnant. With the help of the eunuch Guo Huai, she exchanges the prince with a raccoon. Misunderstanding that his concubine has given birth to a demon, the Emperor sends Concubine Li to an isolated palace. To kill the prince, Queen Liu orders the maid Kou Zhu to drop the baby down the bridge of Jin Shui. When Zhu is not sure about what to do, she encounters the servant Chen Lin. In order to save the baby, they hide it from other guards and send it to the House of the Prince Baxian in a fruit box with the blessings of God of Land. Queen Liu also orders to set fire at Palace Bi Yun in order to kill Concubine Li. Fortunately Concubine Li manages to escape under the protection of god. After ten years, the sonless Emperor is critically ill and plans to crown his nephew as successor. Prince Baxin presents Zhao Zhen to his brother, so that the father and son can secretly meet. Unfortunately, Huai finds that out and informs Queen Liu. Queen Liu interrogates Zhu the whereabouts of the prince, forcing Lin to torture her. Zhu keeps her mouth shut till death for the sake of loyalty and justice.