• Artistic DirectorYuen Siu-fai

    Wang Baochuan

      28. 11. 201519:30
      29. 11. 201519:30
    Performance Introduction

    Prime Minister Wang Yun has three daughters. The eldest, Jinchuan, is the wife of Su Long; the second daughter, Yinchuan, is married to Wei Hu. The father holds an event to choose a husband for his youngest daughter Baochuan, in which Baochuan stands on a tall facade to toss a brocade ball. Whoever catches the ball will become her husband. The ball is caught by the downtrodden Xue Pinggui. Wang Yun refuses to marry his daughter to the poor Pinggui. Yet Baochuan insists on honoring the outcome of the ball toss. Disowned by her father, Baochuan sets out after Pinggui. The couple gets married under the witness of Zhu Yisheng and makes their home in a cold cave.

    A wild red steed, sent as tribute from Siberia, comes to the Emperor. As no one is able to tame the wild horse except Pinggui, the Emperor assigns him to the logistics command. However, Wang Yun interferes, and instead convinces the Emperor to make Pinggui a foot soldier in the front guard. Learning that he is about to be deployed, Pinggui hurries back to the cave to bid farewell. Baochuan vows to be loyal to her husband. After receiving three successive commands for Pinggui to report for duty, the couple is forced to part in sadness.

    Pinggui has left home for 18 years and not a single word is heard from him. Madame Wang asks Baochuan to get back home but in vain. Hearing the rumors that Pinggui is missing during the war in Siberia, Baochuan sends a letter to him with an anser. On the other hand, Pinggui is framed by Yi Fu and exiled in Siberia. Luckily the Siberia Princess saves his life and invites him to be her husband. Receiving the letter from Baochuan, Pinggui learns about the plight of his wife and plans to return to the mainland. The princess asks Pinggui to bring Baochuan to Siberia. Encountering Baochuan at Wujia Hill, Pinggui tests the loyalty of his wife and finally meets her at the cold cave. Pinggui and Baochuan are honored and crowned at Siberia, leading their happy life together.