• Artistic DirectorWong Chiu-kwan

    A Pair of Swords

    • Screenwriter
      Poon Cheuk
    01. 08. 201819:30
    02. 08. 201819:30
Performance Introduction

Princess Fungping of the Western Liang has a female sword, which is pair with the male sword of the Southern Wei.  At the time when the Eastern Qi invades the Southern Wei, the marshal of the Southern Wei is captured by Princess Yukfung of the Eastern Qi.  Yukfung demands the pair of male-female swords for the release the marshal.  Son of the marshal, Soenggun Chiwa was then forced to ask for the female sword from Princess Fungping in the Western Liang to save his father.

Fungping admires the filial piety of Chiwa and agrees to give him the sword as a gift, and not just as any normal gift, but as a token of engagement, they agree to get married after Chiwa saves his father.

Unexpectedly, after Chiwa meets Princess Yukfung, Yukfung finds herself wants not only the swords, but also the handsome and brave Chiwa.  Yukping threatens him that if Chiwa does not get marry with her, he and his father will never be allowed to leave.  In order to save his father, Chiwa was forced to agree with the marriage, yet Chiwa is still loyal to Fungping deep in his heart. When Fungping leads an army to condemn Yukfung’s misdeed,  Chiwa seizes the chance to escape during the chaos.

In the camp of Western Liang, Chiwa tells her all the hardship he encountered and confesses his ever-blazing love towards Fungping. Then the two join hand to smite the army of Yukfung that chases them up. After the defeat, Princess Yukfung realizes her wrong deeds, and Chiwa and Fungping could finally get marry together.