• Artistic DirectorDanny Li Chi-kei

    The story of the Lute

    • Screenwriter
      Tong Tik-sang
    04. 10. 201419:30
    05. 10. 201419:30
Performance Introduction

As soon as Cai Bojie and Zhao Wuniang get married, Bojie leaves home for the imperial examination under his father’s order. Upon leaving Bojie reminds his newly-wed wife to take good care of his parents. Niu Huilan, daughter of the Chancellor Niu Sengyu, falls in love with Bojie. Although the married top-scorer rejects Huilan’s love, he is forced to stay at Chancellor’s home. Meanwhile, Bojie’s homeland Chen Liu is under serious drought and his parents are starved to death. Only by selling her hair can Wuniang manage to bury her parents-in-law. Wuniang travels to the capital to look for her husband. However she misses the chance to meet Bojie as the harsh guards drive her away. On the other hand, Bojie rejects the marriage with Chancellor’s daughter and beats the official match-maker. Lanfen tries to persuade Bojie to remarry. Again, Sengyu forces Bojie to marry his daughter, asking the Emperor Ren to grant him marriage with his daughter. As Bojie keeps resisting, the Emperor is so angry that he sends Bojie to be a monk. Huilan shows her sympathy to Wuniang and lets Wuniang meet Bojie at the study. Seeing the bridegroom’s clothes and hearing Bojie’s lies about his affection towards Huilan, Wuniang leaves a note on the portrait of her parents-in-law and leaves sadly. Bojie blames Huilan for the leave of Wuniang and searches for his beloved. Huilan asks her father to help the true lovers. Finding his wife at the abandoned temple, Bojie explains to Wuniang. As Sengyu makes a request to the Emperor to exempt Bojie’s guilt, the lovers finally reunite.