• Artistic Director Loong Koon-tin

    White Dragon Outpost

    • Screenwriter
      So Yung
    12. 12. 201219:30
    13. 12. 201219:30
Performance Introduction

Northern Han declares war on the Song Dynasty. Zhao Kuangyin, the emperor of Song, and his officers are trapped at the White Dragon Outpost. Disguised as villagers, the siblings Huyan Shouting and Huyan Jinding manage to escape from the outpost by fooling Prince Bailong, saying they are picking medicine for their sick mother, and return with reinforcements. Prince Bailong is defeated by Zhao Dezhao and flees to Flying Dragon Range. As he has helped them before, Jinding lets Prince Bailong go away. In order to help Prince Bailong, Concubine Liu blocks the way with the imperial carriage, so Shouting fails to capture the fleeing enemy. Concubine Liu even persuades Kuangyin to kill Shouting as a punishment. As the execution supervisor, Dezhao secretly saves him from death. Once Prince Bailong is back with power, Jinding is forced to negotiate for peace with the head of her brother. Jinding tries to assassinate the Prince but in vain. Meanwhile, Dezhao and Qin Shu rush to reveal that actually there is an engagement between them. In addition, they also tell Prince Bailong that Emperor of Northern Han is the murderer of his father. With the help of Dezhao, Prince Bailong kills the King and revenges for his father. Kuangyin is so glad that such strong and loyal Prince devotes himself to the Song Dynasty.