• Artistic DirectorWan Fai-yin

    Death of a Loyal Warrior

    • Screenwriter
      Yip Shiu-tuck
    26. 07. 201619:30
    27. 07. 201619:30
Performance Introduction

The incompetence of the emperor of the Ming Dynasty causes domestic troubles and aggravates external threats. The family of General Zhong Yujun, who is guarding the frontier, is loyal to the country. His elder son, Xiaoquan, is skilled in both civil and military affairs. Suspecting the emperor’s father-in-law of having secret dealings with Xiliao, Xiaoquan waits for his twin brother Xiaoyi to find out the truth through spying on him. Thinking that Xiaoquan is too cowardly to fight, the general orders him to lead the troops to the battlefield. Tipped off about an ambush against Xiaoquan, Xiaoyi hastens to his brother's rescue. Despite his best efforts, Xiaoquan is defeated, and further encounters an ambush. Fortunately, the dispatch arrives in time to rescue him.


The emperor’s father-in-law speaks ill of Xiaoquan, so the emperor orders him to return to the capital immediately or be court-martialed. The emperor’s father-in-law arrives with a gold plate that signifies the emperor’s order and threatens to put Xiaoquan’s entire family to death unless he returns. At his audience with the incompetent emperor, Xiaoquan loses his post because of the father-in-law’s slander. His father, also fooled by the rumour that his son’s recklessness is the cause of the invasion, raises his sabre to Xiaoquan. The emperor’s father-in-law comes with an order from the emperor to execute Xiaoquan. Although Xiaoyi has finally secured evidence of the father-in-law’s treachery, it is too late—his brother has been executed. Xiaoyi kills the culprit with his sabre to avenge his brother's death.


*English translation source: Chinese Opera Information Centre, CUHK