• Artistic DirectorLaw Ka-ying

    Willow Beauty

    • Screenwriter
      So Yung
    06. 01. 201519:30
    07. 01. 201519:30
Performance Introduction

Ambassador Hou Xiyi admires the talented courtesan Liu Xinqing and offers to help her away from the life. King of Tubo, Sha Zhali and General Hua Yunlong travel together in Luoyang. Zhali is obsessed with the beauty of Xiqing. The poor Han Hong is forced to sell his fascinating arrows. Zhali insults Hong for that and they start to hate each other. In sympathy, Xiqing presents the priceless arrow to the unrecognized hero Hong as a gift. Falling for each other, they decide to get married after Hong winning the battle. During the Betrayal Period of An & Shi, Xiyi asked Zhali for help. Though Hong fights bravely, his glory is stolen by Zhali. .Xiqing and her maid reclusively live in a temple. Threatening to hurt the people of the country, Zhali forces Xiqing to marry him. Xiqing has no choice but accept the proposal. Finally, Hong reaches the carriages of Zhali. Separated by the military force, Hong fails to meet Xiqing. As Hong spits blood and passes out, Xiqing comes to cheer him up, the couple discovers the truth and forgive each other. Suspecting the couple is doing immoral thing, Yunlong takes them into custody at the imperial palace. When Zhali attempts to kill Hong, Xiyi arrives in time. Scolding at Zhali for taking others' love and credits, Xiyi relegates him back to Tobu and holds a marriage ceremony for Xiqing and Hong. Lovers are finally reunited.