• Artistic DirectorLaw Ka-ying

    Jinchuan’s Dream of the Red Chamber

    • Screenwriter
      Yip Shiu-tuck
    17. 03. 201619:30
    18. 03. 201619:30
Performance Introduction

The Jia’s Family has always held a strict standard on morality. Beiming, the personal servant of Jia Baoyu falls in love with another servant Waner secretly. However, it is leaked to another pair of servants, the sisters Bai Jinchuan and Yuchuan. Being pledged by Beiming, the sisters keep the secret from Madame Wang. Younger brother of Jia Baoyu, Jia Huan, finds out Beiming and Waner are having an affair. When he is about to give them a lesson, Baoyu protects the lovers from any punishment. Instead, Jia Huan is punished by his father. Having to copy some Buddhism sutra, Huan is annoyed and wants the Bai sisters to accompany with him but being rejected. After a gathering, the drunk Baoyu returns home and is warmly welcomed by the Bai sisters. Huan is jealous of Baoyu and splashes the lamp oil to hurt him. Huan is scolded by Madame Wang.


In the garden, Madame Wang asks Jinchuan to serve her. Baoyu takes pity on Jinchuan and sends her a precious pill as a present. While Madame Wang falls asleep, Baoyu and Jinchuan lovingly appreciate the scenery together. Madame Wang finds out their relationship, in fury, driving Jinchuan out of the House. Baoyu has no way to save his lover. Being persecuted by the hearsays among the servants, Jinchuan commits suicide by jumping into a well. Huan tells his father Jia Zheng the past affairs between Baoyu and Jinchuan. The furious Zheng punishes Baoyu. Yuchuan is sent to bring meals for Baoyu who is recovering from punishment. Missing the lost Jinchuan, the duo share tears with each other. Baoyu encounters the spirit of Jinchuan in his dream. Jinchuan asks Baoyu to present incense for her at the well. As Baoyu mourns over Jinchuan at the monastery, he discovers Jinchuan has already become a fairy. Jia Zheng and Madame Wang arrive and understand how passionate Baoyu is. Baoyu takes this opportunity to plead his father to endorse the relationship between servants Beiming and Waner.