• Artistic DirectorSun Kim-long

    Reunion at Rouge Alley

    • Screenwriter
      Tong Tik-sang
    18. 10. 201919:30
    19. 10. 201919:30
Performance Introduction

In order to gain more political power, director of the Music Conservatory, Zo Hao-yu sends sister of the musician Shum Tong-hin to the imperial palace, and forces the renowned songstress Koo Chuk-hing to marry him. Determined to report Hao-yu’s misconduct to the prime minister, Tong-hin advises Chuk-hing to seek help from the minister's fifth daughter, Song Yuk-lan, who gets the wicked to be punished by her father.


Winning Yuk-lan's heart with his talent, Tong-hin is invited to tutor Prime Minister Sung Chong-man's sixth son, Song Man-man. To revenge on Yuk-lan, Hao-yu accuses her of seducing the residential tutor during the prime minister's birthday celebration. Enraged, Sung Chong-man disowns Yuk-lan for her immoral act. While his money is stolen by Chuk-hing out of jealousy, Tong-hin leaves the examination so as to secure Man-man's first place. Yuk-lan misses the chance to meet Tong-hin. Thus, under the help from Hao-yu, she has stayed at Rouge Alley for six years, waiting for her lover to return.


Finding her lover a beggar now and knowing her brother the first place at the imperial examination, Yuk-lan's illness is worsened due to surprise and sadness. Chuk-hing regrets that she returns the money to Tong-hin. Tong-hin's sister wins the Emperor's favour and brings glory to the family. After Man-man explains to his sister Tong-hin's intention, the couple is finally happily reunited.